Finding the Best Hotel

Why You Should Think About Getting Away to a Nice Hotel Far More Often

by Rodney Ortiz

When was the last time that you stayed in a really nice hotel, just for the sake of it? You may certainly consider a nice property when heading off on your annual holiday or be used to staying overnight somewhere during a business trip. However, you'd be amazed how much fun you could have, to say nothing of how good a deal you could get, if you cultivate a relationship with a specific hotel. If you've never looked at any ad hoc trips to a nice property, what are you overlooking?

Time for a Change

They say that a change is as good as a rest. If you've been spending your weekends at home doing the same old thing and trying to recharge from the hectic nature of your job, why don't you consider allocating one weekend a month for a getaway somewhere nice? It's bound to make you feel better and to give you some extra enthusiasm for the following Monday morning.

Planning Your Getaways

Choose your favourite destination city, not too far away from where you live, but nevertheless somewhere that is "different." Strike up a relationship with a great hotel in this location and see how you could both benefit. Remember, all hotels like to occupy as many rooms as possible and will regularly offer good deals as a consequence. If you can be a little flexible, then you may find a good discount for your particular trip, as well as some added incentives.

It's a Two-Way Street

Many hotels offer benefits, such as the use of their facilities at discounted prices. You may find that a hotel would be willing to extend this type of offer to you, or you might even get an upgrade to a higher level at certain times of the season. When they see that you are a regular visitor, the hotel is much more likely to recognise your support and extend some benefit, to keep you coming back.

Choosing Your Property Carefully

If you have an eye on your budget and wonder whether you could set up this type of getaway on a regular basis, you don't have to choose the highest level of resort. Many smaller hotels will be perfectly happy to offer you the same level of service at typically lower rates. You may be eligible to get a free breakfast, for example, which could certainly help you with your overall spending plan.

Figuring Out Your Options

Sit down with your significant other and talk through all the benefits of a weekend getaway. Once you've done it for the first time, you'll be only too keen to make it a regular occurrence.