Finding the Best Hotel

Enjoy Dining for Less at Your Next Hotel Stay

by Rodney Ortiz

Whether you're escaping for the weekend or you're venturing away for longer, the chances are you're looking forward to new culinary experiences. Dining can easily eat away at your holiday budget, which means planning ahead is essential if you want to save money. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy fine dining experiences during your next hotel stay, for less.  

See if your hotel provides dining packages

While dining packages aren't available at all hotels, those that provide them are offering an enjoyable way to save money. Such packages can range from breakfast to all of your meals and drinks. Before selecting a package, take a look at the hotel's restaurants and consider whether you would like to eat at least one meal a day away from them. If you're looking for variety, an all inclusive option isn't for you.

Take advantage of high and afternoon tea experiences

If you're enthusiastic about exploring the plethora of restaurants surrounding your hotel but would like to enjoy the fine dining experiences within it, consider afternoon or high tea. Featuring an array of cakes, sandwiches and other finger foods, afternoon tea usually can sometimes come with sparkling wine and is occasionally available in a gluten or dairy free format. This is a particularly good option for those celebrating special occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays. In some cases, afternoon tea costs less on weekdays, so choose your day accordingly if you're looking to save money.

Explore foods from around the world with a buffet

If your hotel features an evening buffet, take advantage of the opportunity to explore foods from around the world. In addition to providing variety, buffets are excellent options for larger groups with lots of picky eaters. When some of you want to eat until your heart's content and others are on a diet, buffets keep everyone happy. In addition, when you choose one for breakfast and everyone has plenty to eat, you'll spend less on food when away from the hotel.

While room service is another popular option while away, tips and delivery charges mean it's also one of the most expensive choices. If you're keen to make sure your budget goes further, choosing a dining package or opting for a degree of self-catering is the best way forward. When enjoying buffets and other gourmet experiences, check to see if certain days of the week are cheaper. With a little forward planning, you can enjoy tasty food for less.