Finding the Best Hotel

Six Tips for Saving Money and Finding Affordable Motel Rooms

by Rodney Ortiz

Staying in hotels can be expensive, but luckily, there's lots of ways to find affordable accommodation. Looking for ways to save money on your next hotel room? Try these tips:

1. Consider Shared Amenities

To lower the cost of your accommodations, consider sharing amenities with other guests. In many cases, small older hotel featuring rooms with shared toilets can be less expensive than hotels with rooms that all have ensuite toilets. If you really want to save, consider booking a bed at a hostel where you share the room with other travellers.

2. Do Some Comparison Shopping

Finding the best rates takes a bit of research. Even if the first rate that you receive seems low, you may want to spend some extra time looking for a lower rate. There are websites that can help you compare the rates of multiple hotels, or you can contact properties individually.

3. Look for Value-Added Perks

In some cases, choosing the least expensive room isn't necessarily the cheapest option. You also have to consider how value-added perks affect your total cost.

To explain, imagine you book accommodation for $60 per night, but you spend $15 on breakfast, bringing the total to $75. On the other hand, there was also a room available for $65 and that included free breakfast. In this case, you actually would have saved money by booking the more expensive room because of its valued-added perks.

4. Get Off the Beaten Path

Staying in a hotel in an urban city centre or a well known tourist hub is often more expensive than booking a room in a sport off the beaten path. For holidays, consider going to places that are slightly less popular and less expensive than other places. For business travel, if you are booking a car anyway, consider staying further out of town to lower the rate on your room.

5. Travel in the Off Season

The time you travel can also impact your total price. Consider travelling outside of popular times. For example, go in the middle of the week, rather than on the weekend or during the school term rather than during school holidays.

6. Obtain a Frequent Traveller Card

Many hotels offer special rates for frequent travellers. You may be able to enroll in a savings program that works for a certain chain of hotels throughout Australia, or you may be able to find a hotel that offers a deal such as one night free if you stay ten nights.