Finding the Best Hotel

Three ways to reduce the cost of your holiday accommodation

by Rodney Ortiz

Holiday accommodation can often be quite expensive. However, being on a tight budget shouldn't preclude you from enjoying a well-deserved break. Here are three ways to reduce the cost of your holiday accommodation.

Opt for accommodation that isn't centrally located

Due to their convenient location, hotels and hostels that are in the middle of a city or town are invariably more expensive than those that are located some distance from the centre. As such, if you're on a tight budget, it may be worth booking accommodation which is a bit further afield and using inexpensive forms of transport (such as buses, trains, etc) to get to the city or town centre each day. Alternatively, if the weather will be nice in the area you'll be visiting, it might be worth renting bikes for you and your travel companions; this is a very affordable and fun way to explore a new place, and will enable you to get where you need to go, without having to rely on public transport.

Stay at a caravan site

If you cannot afford a hotel and would prefer not to stay in a shared room in a hostel, staying in a rented caravan on a caravan site is an excellent alternative. This form of accommodation will provide you with plenty of privacy (far more than you would have at a hostel) and usually comes equipped with cooking equipment and a small refrigerator, which will enable you to whip up cheap-and-cheerful meals, instead of having to splurge on costly hotel restaurant food. Caravan sites also tend to be located in quite scenic areas and as such, are ideal if you're a nature lover.

Do plenty of online research before you book

If you're on a budget, it is not advisable to book the first reasonably-priced hotel room you come across online, as there is a very good chance that, with a little more research, you should be able to find a cheaper place to stay.

For example, if you're travelling with your family, use a search engine to look for child-friendly hotels that offer discounted or free meals for children under a certain age (many international chain hotels provide these type of offers). The cost of hotel meals can add up alarmingly quickly; as such, by finding a hotel that offers this kind of discount, you can substantially reduce the overall cost of your stay.

Additionally, consider booking several months in advance; generally speaking, the earlier you book your room, the more affordable it will be (the only exception to this are last-minute bookings; however, these may not be suitable if you need to arrange for time off work to go on your holiday).